Leaders do not need to be ‘heroes’: good leadership can be learned.

Interpersonal Leadership

Leadership happens between people, it is a two-way process and there is no simple formula for success. To be a successful leader requires being present in the moment and ready for self reflection. Both skills are learnable and their results show in the words we speak and the actions we take. Leadership is not always something you can plan well in advance. Many day-to-day leadership decisions need to be taken on the spot. We develop your flexibility as a leader by creating the kind of situations that challenge you to improvise. Besides training you in good analysis of the situation, we also give your intuition and emotional intelligence a good work out.

We help you explore the following questions:

  • What are the critical behaviours associated with the leadership challenge you face?
  • How can you recognise when leadership actions are needed in your own business environment?

Talent development

The identification and development of your talents is critical to your long-term success. We believe that the more your talents learn about their strengths and areas for improvement and discover how they react to and are perceived by others, the more effective they will become in the future.

We provide experiences which allow your talents to build a strong picture of how they are perceived by their peers, their management and us. We challenge and support them systematically to increase their range of options to deal with challenging contexts and situations. Because we consider feedback such an important development element, we have a number of ways for your talents to be observed in action and get rich data. Each talent will get a dedicated coach who provides a sounding board, observation data and tips on an ongoing basis.

We help you explore the following questions:

  • What will prepare your talents successfully for your key-positions?
  • How can you enable your talents to advance their interpersonal competences?
  • What will help your talents to improve their shortcomings?

Author: Bodo Maier