Convince yourself, then convince your audience!


It is an essential leadership ability to interest, to convince and to move people. But there is a fine line to tread between informing excessively, ingratiating oneself and giving a presentation in a confident, credible way. Our approach adds extra value by going beyond offering received wisdom about presentation skills, preferring to adjust our input according to your personality and your individual needs. We take care to offer high quality feedback, ensuring you discover your own best way to present with confidence.

We offer you a broad range based on more than 20 years of experience in training in-house presentation skills: short selective inputs at events or workshops, or tightly focused coaching sessions to prepare your special performance. We are especially proud of our lean learning path ‘Present with Confidence’ which covers an 8-week period. Its sustained composition tops by far any stand-alone workshop format:

Prework I:
As a participant you start with actively seeking feedback in your working environment about your presentation skills. You then compare your findings with your self-assessment and derive your learning goals.
Kick off:
In a virtual Kick off (WBC) you present your individual learning objectives to your peers, and to us, so that we can align the contents of the following classroom workshop.
Prework II:
You read the manual for the workshop and prepare a short presentation.
Workshop I:
You find out how to convey the value of your service or your product to your audience. You learn how to make your presentation attractive with simple means, how to structure it in a logical manner and how to turn complex contents into simple analogies. By means of specific exercises and feedbacks you learn how to keep an eye on your audience while leveraging your body language. All of your findings are instantly applicable, and best of all: You will be surprised how differently you will look at your stage-fright.
Follow up Coaching:
Now it is time for practice: you gain experience, try out new things and come back to our coaching conversation with specific questions. Together we deepen your learning and determine the next steps.
Workshop II:
After practicing for a few more weeks you’ll learn refined ways of presenting your expertise, your experience and your relevant subjects. You explore how to deal with particularly difficult audiences or even better: how to take the winds out of their sails in advance. The main goal is to establish a lasting relationship with your audience and deal confidently with emotions: your own and those of your audience.

We help you explore the following questions:

  • How do you overcome stage fright and learn to love the limelight?
  • How do you quickly structure a surprise presentation?
  • When are you convincing?
  • How can you deal with cunning questions?
  • How can you introduce your expertise in an animating way?
  • How do you handle unexpected interruptions?
  • How can you win over a critical and biased audience?

Author: Bodo Maier