The road to being a high performance team depends particularly on interpersonal skills.


Successful teamwork is based on clear goals and values, defined roles and responsibilities and naturally on mutual interest in each other. This is the foundation for team members to rely on each other and perform outstandingly. The constructive road to become a high performance team depends critically on interpersonal skills: the readiness for self reflection from both team leader and team member, highly developed listening skills, a learning culture that allows mistakes, respectful feedback on performance issues, flexible conflict resolution and the courage to stick with agreements once decided. We support you as a team leader or a team in recognising your current group dynamic and utilising this knowledge for your development. We coach you to foster the interpersonal success factors in your team.

We work on the following questions with you, your team leaders or your team:

  • Which are your mutual expectations?
  • How can you enable personal responsibility in the team?
  • What are the critical factors affecting your successful development as a team?
  • How can you stay updated and connected despite your workload?
  • How can you enable cross team collaboration?
  • How can you master the special challenges of virtual teamwork?

Author: Bodo Maier